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Drug development companies are increasingly using technology to make clinical trials more efficient


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MPower focuses on providing software frameworks that empower clinical Research


Clinical Data Management Services
eClipse can support your build project and train you on best practices

Clinical Trial Software Solutions

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Committed to the highest customer satisfaction, eClipse offers a full suite of professional services to support its primary lines of business. eClipse’s seasoned professionals provide extensive experience and proven track records in delivering high-quality solutions. eClipse focuses on adapting technology to optimize the clinical process and gain efficiencies at each step. Our service offerings are specifically designed to enable our clients to deploy and use their technology effectively. Whether using eClipse software or that of other vendors, our services teams empower our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their software applications.

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Clinical Trial Software Services

Selecting the best software for managing your clinical trials is only part of the solution of gaining the competitive efficiencies that are desired in accelerating the conduct of clinical trials. The software must withstand rigorous validation and have high quality technical support and extensive training resources behind it. In today’s regulatory environment hosting facilities must reach and maintain the highest security expectations while maintaining rigid quality processes for production implementation and change control.

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Clinical Trial Management Services

In delivering our technology, we have developed close relationships with mid-size CROs throughout the United States, Europe and now Asia. To support the successful implementation of our technology platform we can match your study specifics with the expertise of our partener CROs. Leveraging our project management experience we provide you with a single pint of accountability so you may have confidence in knowing when critical events arise during your study they will be handled with efficeint coordination.

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Clinical Custom Consulting

Whether your clinical trial uses EDC, eTMF, or CTMS – or even all of the above – eClipse Professional Services knows how to get the applications working together in an integrated clinical trial management enterprise that shares data collected by the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system with your other clinical trial software like document management, supply manament, project planning and safety systems.

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