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MPower Series: Clinical Trial Management Products

eClipse Professionals Services is proud to be the exclusive reseller of MPower Software’s MPower Series™. MPower focuses on providing software frameworks that empower clinical Research and Development teams in the comprehensive management of their clinical trials. Covering the gamut from budgeting and planning to study reports, MPower Series enables the integration of clinical and safety software to effectively track and manage resources, clinical supplies and essential documentation throughout the life of a clinical trial.

MPower Vision™

User driven, role-based dashboard frameworks that allow single-sign on, and single point of entry into the enterprise.

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MPower Cache™

Production ready clinical reporting repository for up-to-the-minute updates of operational data.

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MPower Core™

Production ready clinical reporting repository for historical business intelligence and decision support analytics.

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MPower Broker™

Integration framework for sharing information across common clinical and safety applications.

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