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Critical to satisfying our commitment is our consultants. Seasoned life sciences experts, each combines skillfulness in technology – especially around Electronic Data Capture – with the discipline of cost-effective implementation. Their deep understanding of business processes and strength in adapting technologies to process only deepens our value proposition.

Your goals become our goals…

Whether your clinical trial uses EDC, CTMS or CDMS – or even all of the above! eClipse Professional Services knows how to get the applications working together in an integrated clinical trial management enterprise that shares data collected by the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system with your other clinical trial software like document management, supply manament, project planning and safety systems.

  • Ever wish you could write a query from your safety system and have it appear in automatically in your Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system?
  • Ever have to type your site and enrollment data into your Clinical Trial managment (CTMS) system – even though its already stored in your EDC system?
  • Still using Excel for reporting, because the clinical data of interest is in multiple product databases?

eClipse has solutions to address each of these clinical data management issues with a vendor-neutral solution that integrates not only your clinical trail management software but your back-office applications (document management, supply management, project management) as well.

We’re providing pharma, CRO and biotechnology companies with expert consultation on the frameworks chosen for today’s enterprise IT environments to deliver capability, drive down costs and shorten timelines. From the comprehensive design and implementation of enterprise architecture to the implementation of key business applications, eClipse consultants approach each project with the same commitment – exceed client expectations.

Whether the technical challenge be complexity, budget or time – Your goals become our goals!