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Electronic Data Capture
Drug development companies are increasingly using technology to make clinical trials more efficient


Clinical Trial Management Products
MPower focuses on providing software frameworks that empower clinical Research


Clinical Data Management Services
eClipse can support your build project and train you on best practices

Clinical Operations

Global Reach with Local Expertise

At eClipse, our clinical operation profesionals apply their therapeutic, regulatory, and operational expertise to consistently solve the challenges that arise during all clinical projects.

Our core competency is project management, underpinned by comprehensive and consistent processes, which conform to global regulatory requirements and ISO9001:2000. Our project teams develop integrated plans involving all stakeholders to ensure the business relationship succeeds.

From start-up to completion, performance is monitored regularly and measured against contractual timelines. In addition, project costs are tracked to ensure adherence to agreed budgets.

Common Service Offerings

• Project Management of development programs
• Clinical trial and site management
• Clinical trial monitoring
• Patient recruitment
• Contract management and investigator reimbursement