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Project Management

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Project success is not an event, it is a habit. Our project managers are seasoned professionals with rich experience in clinical trial project management – each with the habit of delivering projects on time and on budget. Remaining accessible and accountable, our project managers will assemble a project team from our internal and partner resources that will best serve the particulars of your project. Our processes and our communication are critical to achieving that success. We are constantly assessing current business processes and redesigning workflow where appropriate. We work only with CRO partners that are driven by the same commitment to success. Througout the project we stay in regular contact with our clients.

Our approach to a clinical project includes:

• Applying “best practices” project templates to leverage our highly-tuned approach for habitual success
• Mapping project activities to organizational roles to clarify responsibilities and identify stress points
• Mapping interrelated tasks in the project and supporting systems to determine optimum benefit of technology
• Defining and structuring reports that can be used to track, monitor and analyze key project metrics
• Defining new client-specific processes and/or role definitions to enhance the delivery for a particular client

Throughout a project engagement, clients are updated regularly on progress, issues and resolutions. In addition to what is normally expected from CROs during the course of a project, eClipse clients may expect the following extras:

• Online documentation of updates of process according to the project plan
• Online reporting detailing project status along key performance indicators
• Access to online project documentation management system
• Access to project issues and resolution discussion boards

Project Management is a critical service offering that enables clients to combine eClipse technology with leading professionals in clinical trial management. By working with professionals who do this work time and time again, clients are able to obtain real, pragmatic value from our ability to adapt our technology to the underlying business process.