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Adapting technology
to clinical business process

MPower Vision™

Clinical Trial Management Products

Empowers the clinical team to monitor and analyze the a studies progress and plan necessary adjustments based on revelations from dashboards and scorecards of major key performance indicators. MPower Vision delivers actionable information that drives alignment and accountability across the entire clinical team.

  • Sponsor Executives can drill across and down the organization. Whether representing the data by drug or therapy Executives have the information they need most consolidated in a single view. Sophisticated “What-if” analysis provide true decision support by allowing executives to forecast the results of various action plans.
  • Managers will have access to information collected in multiple systems in a single screen – accelerating their business decision making process, allowing for quick adaptations for changing trial conditions and enforcement of regulatory and corporate governance.
  • Clinical team productivity rises from a single point of access that consolidates reporting of tasks and alerts that would otherwise require the navigation between multiple applications.