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BIO-IT World

EDC Means Higher Productivity, Not Fewer Jobs | September 2004

With electronic data capture technology, companies can conduct more trials with the same number of staff. Increasingly challenged to maintain profitable growth, biopharmas are turning to electronic data capture (EDC) to gain an advantage in clinical data management. While EDC delivers tangible benefits, successful adoption requires business-process changes that affect clinical trial staff – notably clinical data managers (CDMs), clinical research associates (CRAs), and investigator site personnel.

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GCPj – Good clinical Practice Journal

Making the Most of Clinical Data Managers | January 2004

Electronic data capture can be seen as a way to cut staff numbers in data management. Not so, says Leslie Bihari. Rather than being a surrogate for clinical data managers, EDC simply removes the mundane aspects of their work, allowing them to develop their roles and put their skills and knowledge to much better use. Drug development companies are increasingly using technology to make clinical trials more efficient. It is only natural for staff to view this trend with a cautious eye as their employers may tout systems such as electronic data capture (EDC) as a way of cutting jobs. Far from being a threat to job security, implementing an EDC system is very labor-intensive, requiring the clinical data manager’s (CDM) in-depth knowledge of existing clinical data systems to facilitate the transition from paper to electronic data capture.

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