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Clinical Trial Management Products

eClipse Trial Master File Solution

Document Management specifically for Clinical Trials

In today’s fast-moving yet resource-constrained business environment, smart efficient management of the essential documentation is a necessity. That is why more and more organizations are focusing on improving their Trial Master File (TMF) management process and turning to hosted software solutions to help. Organizations like the Drug Information Association have published reference models, while the FDA and the EMEA have both issued regulatory guidances on TMF content. However, actually getting the documents into a managed system that keeps up with the recommended changes coming from these governing bodies is exteremely difficult.

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eClipse EDC

Electronic Data Capture

eClipse Enterprise Solutions offers eClipse EDC a robust and scalable Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution that easily integrates across the clinical enterprise. Meeting today’s challenges of complex clinical studies with an ever increasing global reach – eClipse EDC provides early visibility to reliable data, empowering clinical teams to bring studies online faster and drive studies to completion more efficiently.

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